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SPOILER!!: Hey Jude!
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post

The Music Room!

It truly was Jude’s favourite place in the Castle. It was evident by the number of times he came here to play on the piano. Since he obviously couldn’t play on the one at home, the one here at Hogwarts would have to suffice. So far, it had. But this time around, the Hufflepuff was here just for more than leisure: the theater which Reagan and Davet were attached had asked him to do a bit of work for their summer play. Since Jude had played the piano for them before, the play manager had got it in his head that Jude should write music for them as well.

Yeah… well…

He really wasn’t a composer, but he would try and have most of it ready so he could let them hear what he had come up with during the Christmas holidays. The only problem was that someone was already using the piano. But he didn’t mind for the kid playing was very decent. Clutching his music book to his chest, the Hufflepuff stood there silently, listening.

When Luther heard Peeves it was too late, he was too captured with his own music. As the annoying resident poltergeist left, a glow caught Luther's attention. He looked down and saw his hands were glowing. Literally glowing. His hands were glowing bright white. He shook his hands trying to get the glow off of his hands, panicking about what a "token of appreciation" might mean for Peeves.

Then he realized the Hufflepuff boy. His hands in an awkward pose, Luther said "Hi, do you know what that was about? I am Luther, Luther Starriver by the way."

Then wondering if he can "turn off" his glow, he tried to tune it down. The good news was the glow subsided. The bad news was he couldn't turn it completely off. The weird news was as he was trying to change its colour, Luther realized he could change its colour and intensity. He thought 'If this doesn't hurt me in any way, Leo will absolutely LOVE this.'
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