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SPOILER!!: Sammy <3
Originally Posted by hermionesclone View Post

It was only late October but the NEWTs were already getting to him. As a result, Sammy, surprisingly, was not in the kitchens. As great of a shock as it was to those who knew him, he knew what he needed. And right now, he needed a place that didn't have the noise levels that could come with the kitchens and one where he could be weary in.

Instead, the Ravenclaw chose the music room: a room where he could play none of the instruments well, but a place that didn't let outside sounds come in. In his mind, it was the perfect spot for this.

After seeing a spot that was big enough for his frame, Sammy let his bag drop and didn't look back at it. There were more important things, like flopping on the floor near the piano in a starfish position. Hey, at least it was comfortable.

This... this could be nice.

Ash had chosen the music room because it was quiet. She needed to shut out the rest of the world and focus on her music so that she could let go of what she was feeling right now. If that was even possible. She stepped into the music room, several flowers springing up in her footsteps, and set her things down by the piano. That was when she noticed Sammy. On the floor. It gave her a good scare, and she suppressed a shriek. She rushed over to him, but after staring down at him she decided that he was basically physically fine. She quietly laid down next to him to keep him company, unsure if he wanted to talk or not.
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