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Originally Posted by Watson View Post
Things seemed to have quiet down since the beginning of the feast which Simon was glad of. He hadn’t expected or anticipated that becoming the Head of the Hufflepuff House would have been so… chaotic (for lack of a better word- Simon had struggled to find the right word to describe it). The man sat in his chair with an empty notebook in front of him. He had meant to write it all down but found himself staring blankly at an old photo of him and his mates….

The knock on the door brought him back into the moment. “Come in,” he said, closing his notebook (titled Unsolvable) and heading over to the door to open it. “Ah Miss Marchand.” One of his Badgers was here! He offered her a warm smile. “How are you? Please do come in.
Desiree was pleased that she didn't have to wait long for Professor Holden. Not that she minded waiting much, but she wanted to get these macarons to him while they were still fresh and warm. "Hi, Professor!" She beamed, returning the greeting with an extra princessy wave of her free hand. "I'm fine, thanks. And yourself?"

As she stepped into the room, it occurred to her that this used to be her mother's office. She wondered how different it looked back then. Knowing her mum, probably purple everything! Look at all the cool stuff in here! She glanced about the room with a slightly intrigued expression, her bright blue eyes lingering on the coffee maker for a second. Ooh, her dad used to have one of those in his office waiting area! Did Professor Holden put a coffee bar for the students in his office too?

Part of her was dying to ask, but then she remembered the reason for her visit. "I baked you some macarons, a sort of welcome to Hufflepuff present!" she said, showing the tray of yellow and black cookies. "Can I set them there?" She inclined her head toward a free spot on the desk.
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