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Originally Posted by Holmesian Feline View Post

“Which is fine…” for now. One set of exams already loomed and it was enough to study for. ”Don’t get yourself too flustered.” It certainly wouldn’t do to harm yourself and risk affecting your score just as badly as if you hadn’t cared or pay attention. And he really didn’t want to scare his housemate too much.

AH yes, the dreaded thoughts on plans after school. “I’m thinking on possibly being a healer,” he answered finally sitting down at the table nearby. “Though not sure if human or creature related.” The subjects he was good at could go either way and being a creature doctor could still help at the family preserve. “What about you?’ What were her strengths and potential plans for the future?
Not getting flustered was solid advice. Solid and hard advice for her because the more she thought on the topic of the exams, the more worried she began. So she needed to not think of it as much to reduce the flustered state. “I’ll try it,” she nodded.

Lisa followed him over to the table and leaned most of her weight on the nearest chair. A Healer? “A noble career. My eldest brother is a Healer. He works with people. Not creatures…. a creatures one could be good too.” She could imagine both would be rewarding careers.

Having her question turned to her gave her pause. Kayla and her had just discussed careers and whatnot. Kayla had a list of 50 MILLION- okay, Lisa was exaggerating, it was more like 500 careers on it. “I’m not quite sure but I enjoy Defense Against the Dark Arts and Transfiguration.” Those two were her favourite subjects so far! “I’m not entirely sure what I can do with a career in that though…
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