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Cailyn wasn’t too concerned about exams looming. OWLs hadn’t gone too badly, and the petite brunette was choosing to pretend that NEWTs wouldn’t actually be that much harder. Even if the actual name should have proven otherwise. It couldn’t really be true, right? Not if one was relatively confident as to their own knowledge, whether or not the Sorting Hat had chosen to put them in Ravenclaw. She’d adapted to Hufflepuff, after all. It didn’t mean she had to stop her Claw tendencies.

Even so, something had led her to forgo the safety of the library, or even the study hall, for her current bout of studying. Some little part of herself that wanted new surroundings, and the mirror obviously counted. She knew better than to think of what it would be like if she could actually explore the environment in the reflection, but she had a good imagination. That was good enough, and she had chosen to sit on the floor just to the left of the mirror itself with the current book she was using for study purposes.
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