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SPOILER!!: Tahani <3
Originally Posted by La_Luna View Post
Tahani smiled. She was happy to see her suggestion taken really well.

Tahani loved the idea. 'I think they would go amazemax together! Pair it with a pair of rugged brown leather boots and you're golden,' she said. She loved simple looks. Easy and stylish.

'My sister is a fashion designer,' she said explaining her enthusiasm. This was a common discussion at the dinner table, really.

Aria blinked.


The words these young ones came up these days! But she smiled, setting aside her bewilderedness at the odd word. “Quite right you are!” Aria, too, had been thinking that both a brown scarf and bag would be the way to go. “Hang on. Let me make a note of your suggestions.” Aria found the page she used to make her notes as inspirations came and jotted down the exact advice the young had offered.

“OH? Is she based here in the UK? Chances are I would have heard of her. What’s her name? And what’s yours?’’ Also, please don’t mind her for the Slytherin was already back to paying attention to her creation. This sketch wasn’t about to fill itself in with colour, was it??
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