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What interesting eyes the merpeople had. Romantics called them windows to the soul. To legilimens though, they were doorways to the mind. Wizards who were naturally good would never consider such an invasion. Others, like Damian, good was a choice, a struggle, a luxury when available. Today, he would choose to be good, and lower his gaze from the mermaid who arrived.

"I have a request." Damian piped up, his voice a little softer than normal. "Besides the singing of whales, I haven't heard music since the gala. I'd be happy as a clam if you could procure me an instrument like your musicians use. I feel we both have some culture we could share while my compatriots and I are your guests." He said with a smile, rubbing a hand on his stubbly cheek. He felt he could use a shave, but that could wait, and perhaps he might look good with a beard.
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