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Desiree Y. Marchand
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Normandie A. Carton
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Between the whole Peeves situation at the feast and lessons starting back, Desiree’s term was off to a crazy start! So much so that she’d hadn’t yet given Professor Holden a proper welcome as her new Head of House. Well, she was going to remedy that right now! Carefully balancing a tray of macarons with one hand, she knocked on the door to Holden’s office.

She’d just finished baking the cookies herself, so they were still nice and warm. They were the yellow and black Hufflepuff colors, butterbeer and dark chocolate flavors, respectively. All neatly arranged in rows to resemble the stripes of a Hufflepuff scarf. She hoped Professor Holden would like them. They took forever to make! At any rate, macarons were a much nicer welcome present than Peeves’s nasty swamp water balloons!
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