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Originally Posted by Watson View Post
It was odd Mr Starrivers was in his office but maybe he simply saw the door open? He decided to try his hardest to assume positive intent but between Peeves, the hybrid chicken students, and his office being pranked a prior year… Simon couldn’t help but feel more stranger things were yet to come. He should have let his sister read his tea leaves before heading to Hogwarts.

Oh… Okay… Apologies.” Simon placed the notes to the side and looked expectantly at his student. “Im ready for your questions.

Hopefully there was a notebook to cross reference the handwriting, hmm?
Luther felt like he dodged a Bludger. He hoped Professor didn't suspect him anymore but the best evidence he could find was the handwriting. 'Maybe I should ask around who was responsible for this. Also, was he the one who is pranked or me?'

After a moment of silence to calm himself down, Luther said in a breath "Yes, Professor. I was reading a book I brought from home. Well, you see, I am not good at remembering past events, especially those from centuries past. Anyways, the book mentioned something called Occlumency to 'shield one's mind' and control one's emotions. I thought maybe there is something like that to help me remember stuff. I am ready to study however much I have to." When he finished, he realized he talked a bit too fast and rambled a little and a slight red tint coloured his face.
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