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SPOILER!!: Jericho
Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
Jericho often would spend a free afternoon taking Poppy on a walk around London. Her presence often drew attention since his lead was attached to his favorite foster teacup pig. Today, his toes wiggling in his favorite pair of sandals that were almost falling apart from usage, he had made his way to King's Cross Station partly on business but mostly to people watch. A homemade soy matcha latte in hand, the duellist flipped open the lid and took a cautious sip from his tumbler. The contents were still piping hot thanks to some efficient heating charms, too efficient. Poppy, in the meanwhile, was busying herself with sticking her snout against the wall and grunting softly while she inspected its smell - someone must have spilt or thrown something against the wall recently.

He had a hard time believing that he had once rushed through this very station with his trunk in tow, barreling his way through crowds and on to Platform 9 and all aboard the Hogwarts Express. The school term was already well in session now and there were some regrets he had not been available to be at the station on September first to relive that same excitement. He had been touched, inspired, since being given the opportunity to teach a dueling seminar at Hogwarts and rekindling a friendship with June. He ought to write her again soon. Send more candles and essential oils as well.

Noah Evans had a train to catch in an hour or so. Yes, he could apparate to his destination, but it was a bit far and he wasn't familiar with the area. His sister would be crushed if he had some sort of apparition accident on his way to visit, and then she wouldn't have anybody left and that thought scared him.

Walking leisurely through the station with a (homemade!)coffee in hand, Noah spotted someone(nice hair) walking a... pig? That wasn't something he saw every day! He approached the guy, hoping that he wouldn't mind. He was drinking what appeared to be coffee! His hair was amazing! He was walking a pig! Noah really couldn't help but be interested. "Um..." He smiled in a friendly manner. "...Can I say hi to your pig?" And ask what sort of coffee you're drinking, he thought to himself.
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