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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post

Mitsuki only ever visited the Owlery out of necessity, which was the case today seeing as she clutched several letters in her hands address to various people. There was a letter to her parents with the standard updates and assurances, a small parcel to her elder sister with a smooth pebble she hand found around the lake that she then had fastened into a kind of charm, another to her brother attending Ilvermorny which contained a couple of raven feathers, one to her eldest brother to thank him for the replenishment pack he had sent when she had accidentally lost all her potion ingredients somewhere, and a couple of casual correspondences with some acquittances from the performance calligraphy team at Himitsumahou who had wished to become her pen pal during the year. Despite the number being sent off, the stack appeared quite thin seeing as she did not ever write particularly long correspondences.

She had only just entered the space when she heard the complaints of a younger student and paused a moment to observe him. It was a curious thing to ask her of all people, she supposed, while also a bit tricky too as sometimes yes meant no and no also meant no but could maybe mean yes. She often got hung up on how best to answer these and often required further elaboration otherwise confusion ensued. And yet...

Solomon had heard of a few charms that could help with his predicament, but had no knowledge of how to perform them. Thankfully, the droppings were kind of hard so easily kicked of, some needing to be removed by scraping his foot across the floor. Such class.

He was rather speaking to himself than to her, but it wasn’t curious to ask her, actually, since she was a student of many years experience, whereas he was a mere first year. Did the school have a caretaker? If not, he had an uncle who would probably be interested in a job, just saying. “In all fairness, it would probably take all day to clean it.” And with the amount of owls, probably would need repeating the very next day.

Were you needing the writing area? I was just about to sit.” What he was trying to say was: I was here first.

Although there likely was plenty of room for them both to spread out on each ends of the desk.
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