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Originally Posted by Watson View Post
Course,” she mentioned as she grabbed a few more napkins. She touched the surface of the table and it was still a little… sticky. “Scourgify,” she said pointing her wand at the place where the notebook had been. She then placed her hand back on the table and smiled. There… less sticky. She was quite pleased with herself. “What subject was that notebook? You can have my notes.

Then glancing up at him, she watched him run his hand through his blonde hair. It was a good look. The hair… not the frustration. She had heard a few girls comment on his hair and how good it looked. They weren’t wrong. It did look good.

His comment drew her back away her thoughts. She tilted her head when he mentioned that it wasn’t his day and she took a seat. “Yeah… What’s going on? Wanna talk about it?” She was here for him. Talking about things… helped. Or so she had learned that EVEN when she hadn’t wanted too. Besides Nam’s and Yoon’s had to stick together right? She then reached into her bag and pulled out a stash of candy and pushed it towards him.
Lisa's willingness to share her notes with him didn't surprise him, and he appreciated the gesture. This would save him a significant amount of time. "It was for Transfiguration" he said opening the notebook to try to decipher the contents, but most of the ink was smudged. "About cross- switching species, to be precise," he sighed.

Daniel shrugged and placed his bag on the floor behind him as his friend took a seat. "I'm not sure, it's just one of those days when everything goes wrong." He had tripped over an untied shoelace while going to potions class, forgotten one of his books under a tree on the Grounds and had to walk all the way back to retrieve it. Which had made him realise that he really had to learn the summoning charm. And now this.

Daniel reached out his hand and bit on a piece of candy that Lisa had pushed over. "Hey, do you want to compare notes sometimes for other subjects? I think it will aid both of us for our OWL exams " he asked as he grabbed a second, third, and fourth piece of candy.
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