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Ash was here to write a letter to someone. And she wanted to write it alone, or without any people around at least. She grabbed a few writing materials off the desk in the center and walked over to near one of the windows. That's when she noticed she wasn't alone. Kinsay James obviously had the same idea about letter writing... this annoyed Ash a little because she thought this would be a good place to write her letter. At least until she noticed how sad Kinsay looked.


She was pretty sure that was her owl. She really hoped Maggie wasn't breaking any of the other girl's skin with her beak or talons. Sighing, she put on her thick gloves and called for it. The large owl left Kinsay and landed on Ash. "Maggie you can't just do that to random people. Leave her alone, she doesn't have food for you." Maggie hooted, not in agreement. "Sorry Kinsay."
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