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Henry very much approved the change of scenery for today's History of Magic class. It wasn't his favourite class, but he supposed things would be looking up today since it'll be held outside. He was a Hogwarts Grounds enthusiast.

And even from far away, the Hufflepuff could already make out some sort of goblet in their class area by the hedge maze. He even saw people moving close to it, one of them being his own cousin Karleigh and fellow classmate Moose. More curious than ever, Henry picked up his pace and realised that is A WHOLE GOBLET OF FIRE-ish in class. "Hey, professor!" Henry greeted his head of house. He also then realised what the Goblet of Fire was for after reading the note by the table with the parchments and quills.

....Well, it was his last year. Henry hastily scribbled on the parchment, with 'HenHem' and a smaller 'Henry Hembree' at the bottom. The note did say to enter at your own risk, but it's not like Professor Holden was going to put them in so much danger or something. Maybe that was putting too much faith in the Hogwarts staff? Eh. Whatever!

After tossing his name into the goblet, Henry went to join Karleigh. "Hi!" The Hufflepuff grinned at his cousin before whispering. "Saw you dropped your name and I did the same. Wonder what's out there?" Wherever the (familiar) crowd went, Henry followed. And that's what's exactly happening here today.
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