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Angelo Milano Evans
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Regulus Prince
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Daxton Prince

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Nikolai Kaiser
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Little had changed regarding one Angelo Milano Evans over the summer break, excepting the fact that he was taller now, at the mid-point between five and six feet, and his face bore the a hunt of sharpening angles. Nothing striking, only a suggestion of what time might soon chisel away from him. Also, haircut.

But he continued to traverse the school in no shoes, he continued to wear his uniform in such a way that suited him, rather than the expectations of others, and he still had a tendency to appear wherever he appeared as though entirely by accident. Also, he still neglected to say hello.

Today, his outer robes were somewhere only he knew, doodled-upon school trousers altered so as to become shorts, and he wore his school tie around his head (to keep the thoughts together and safely inside). To avoid getting his socks covered in mud and the despairing souls of dead bugs and humans (they never came out in the wash), he instead arrived at the lesson with nothing on his feet at all.

Milo walked silently past the pleading Mercer, and the squawking Arden, and Mr Holden, and approached the goblet. Ignoring the dire warnings stated by the sign, he took a piece of parchment and scribbled a name upon it.

Mercer Branxton

He took several steps away for safety reasons, and tossed the balled up parchment in to the goblet's flames.

Just to see.
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