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Having made a quick stop by Professor Strum's to ask about some weird engravings on some scrap metal he had come across and make sure that if he melted it down he wasn't going to be cursed or something. Thankfully the pieces were cleared and now occupied his pocket along with a couple other random inhabitants and was now on his way back to the Gryffindor common room when the staircases got him all turned around and now he was wandering down this corridor for attempt number three or four ... or something.

The staircases were being particularly impossible today for whatever reason.

Turning the bed and emerging on the opposite end as a certain older Ravenclaw who was inspecting the swamp rather intensely. Atlas was tempted to just tip toe on by, and he suspected it would be easy for him to slip by unnoticed since this was one of the Nams, but his mouth had other intentions. "Didn't drop something in there...did you?" he found himself asking suddenly while running his thumb along the underside of the strap of his bag around his shoulder area. "You'll need at least some fishing gear to try and get it out...and Accio isn't a reliable method."

...not that he was speaking from experience. Ahem.

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