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Originally Posted by Watson View Post
She giggled in response to the returned hello to her whisper. She was about to ask another question and challenge said voice to a game of “Who Am I?” when the voice revealed itself. She heard the “Hey” which caused her to stand up and twirl to look behind her. Oh yes. Of course. Raj. She smiled. “Raj, Hi. What’s new? I thought we were going to play a game?” she wagered with a wide teasing grin.

Im glad the Ravenclaw table was sort of chill this term…
Ooops...had he surprised her?

The way she had moved and spun around might have said so, but at least the smile sent his way meant that she wasn't bothered. "Nothing much." After all it was still early in the year. A game? Was that what the whispered words were supposed to be the start of? Whoops....he failed at playing along then, no pun intended.

" was nice to just settle back." In truth he might have kinda zoned out after a time, taking in the speech briefly and his aunt's appearance at the staff table before eating.
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