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Caes may not be much of a history buff, especially with the new information on the British side last term. But he was here in the outdoors with his element when they were approaching the maze. He didn't say a word just yet, observing the not so subtle change in Aria's tone of voice as she addressed Professor Easy-On-The-Eyes, which took an effort in him not laughing through his small smile. "Hello, Professor." He managed. Nodding before seeing the sign. Aha.

Just as Caes wrote in his name, he was approached by a younger student. "Oh hello Luther, I'm Caes," So the others could introduce themselves too. As for the object. Caes eyed it, but didn't say to confirm since he wasn't absolutely positive, since his last school didn't touch on it. Maybe his sis or someone else who was more sure could answer. So instead Caes gave a small smile, to acknowledge that he heard and wasn't ignoring him.

Dropping his name into the cup after Aria, he waited to see what was going to come about this.

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