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The fact that History of Magic was going to be out in the grounds had elicited all sorts of possibilities in Cailyn’s head as she had made her way outside after breakfast. Possibilities that had dwindled to one as she’d seen the setup behind her head of house. Possibilities that honestly concerned her, given what had happened during that time in history, because of course it could only mean one thing.

The Triwizard Tournament, the Goblet of Fire… she sincerely doubted the marble goblet was the actual goblet from that time in history, but anything was really possible. After all, who would have expected there to have been an adolescent sphinx roaming the castle last term. It was Hogwarts after all.

“Good morning, Professor Holden”, she greeted the man, pulling her curly hair up into a ponytail before selecting a slip of paper to scribble her name on. Slipping it into the goblet, she went over to join Evan, Ash and Kinsay. Strength in numbers, maybe?
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