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Kinsay made her way into the owlery with a notebook and quill in hand. Everywhere else in the castle was too crowded and she just. She needed. She just needed to sit somewhere by herself to write to her sister. It was just. Everything was really hard without Phoebe.

Kins thought maybe it'd get easier over time, but it felt even harder now, as a seventh year, than it had during her very first term without Phoebe by her side. She hated it. She hated being at Hogwarts while her sister was far away and out of reach. Fi would know how to quiet her lousy heart. Fi knew everything.

So um. So um yeah.

Finding an empty spot for her perch, she pulled her knees forward, using them as a balance for her notebook as she attempted to put quill to paper. And when owls swooped down and nipped at her knuckles, begging for treats, Kinsay shooed them away. Couldn't they see she was sad and busy?
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