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Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
So uhh…

Apparently this was Jude’s thing? To show up at one of the other three Common Room entrances whenever he needed to see someone and hoped that they were actually in their common room. This was something he had done a lot with Reagan and the Gryffindor Tower. Today though… it was a trip to the Ravenclaw Tower. One would think that he was on his way to see his bestie but this was not the case.

Luckily for this badger, at the same time he arrived at the Tower, there was a younger Claw heading in so he asked said Claw to let a particular fifth year know he was out there for her; if she happened to be in the Room, that is. Jude really wanted to check in on her and hadn’t really gotten much of a chance to do this all day.
Lisa was in a much better mindset these days compared to last year.

One of the younger Claws had found her in the Common Room and told her that someone was looking for her. So she packed up her belongings and headed out fo the common room to find… Jude there! A smile spread across her face as she approached him.

Jude! Hi! Are you okay?” she asked, remembering watching the events that had transpired at the term of feast with Peeves and the swamp water balloons. “Looked like your table was the prime spot for mischief!
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