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Default Armour Gallery

Adjacent to the Trophy Room is a long corridor where numerous polished suits of armour are on exhibit. This collection of armour has been through a lot over the centuries that the school has been in existence, granted they don't look like it for not a single scratch can be found. If you know your history well enough, you'll be able to easily imagine the circumstances that these suits endured. The weapons they are holding say enough.

Should you decide that you want to examine the armour closely, please do so with caution. Yes, being able to see your reflection in them can come in handy from time to time. Nevertheless, they are known to move because someone's cat has managed to climb inside or, even worse, Peeves has decided to play a practical prank on anyone who happens to walk by and will chase after them, swords and spiked balls on chains swinging. Other than that, the clanky metal should remain quite stationary until they are summoned for battle in a time when Hogwarts is in need of additional protection.