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Default Dungeon Corridor

After descending a narrow spiral staircase accessed through a door on the left side of the Entrance Hall, you can immediately sense a change in temperature. In spite of the numerous torches that are scattered along the stone corridor, the warmth emitting from the flames isn't enough to keep those goosebumps at bay. Movement is your best source of heat down here, so you had best keep on walking forward at a brisk pace.

Going further down the long, gloomy stone corridor branches off to a web of more corridors that are just as long and even gloomier. Portraits depicting the most esteemed pure-bloods of the past adorn these walls. Some are covered with cobwebs, but others will follow your every move with judgmental eyes -- if you are not of a worthy blood status or a Slytherin for that matter, many of these portraits will shout out snide comments at you. Pay no attention to them, however; you have better places to be and things to do, such as exploring the underground chambers or attending Potions class.