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Ravenclaw The Eagle's Nest: Common Room

Image credit: hermionesclone

At the top of a long spiral staircase on the west side of the castle, you come to the entrance to the Ravenclaw common room. The door bears no doorknob or keyhole, only a bronze knocker shaped like an eagle. For those able to answer the knocker’s riddle, the door will swing open to reveal an airy, circular room. The room boasts one of the best views in the castle, overlooking the school grounds and surrounding mountains.

The room is decorated in varying shades of blue and bronze, from the silks adorning the arched windows to the starry-patterned midnight blue carpet. If you happen to look up, you’ll see the same stars reflected in the domed ceiling. Even the furniture follows the blue and bronze color scheme, with plush blue chairs and sofas topped with bronze cushions scattered about the room. Portraits of famous Ravenclaw alumni hang on the walls, and a white marble statue of Rowena Ravenclaw herself stands beside a door at the opposite side of the room, Through that door you’ll find the stairs to the dorms.

THe common room is designed to be warm and inviting, so why not curl up with a good book and make yourself at home?