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Indigo had not heard anyone come in, perhaps because he was so focused on the machine in front of him. So the movement suddenly beside him startled him momentarily. "Oh," he said with a smile when he saw who had joined him. Just one of his coworkers, nothing nefarious. "Hello," he greeted kindly. Indigo did recognize him, Daxton he was pretty sure his name was. He was new to the department, just joining this year. He didn't know him particularly well because they didn't work in the same chamber. But in his experience with the other man he had noticed his quiet nature, which definitely spoke to Indigo, being an introvert himself.

Indigo looked back at the machine, at the selection that Daxton had motioned to. "Have you had that one before?" He hadn't tried it, but he would welcome a recommendation from someone who had.
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