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Snooooore… Slytherin had won the cup. Worse than that, Gryffindor had placed last, how embarrassing. A dull clap was given as a result. The speech segment about the Sphinx was the only interesting part, and Remy was excited that they were likely to have more opportunities to engage with it in the future.

Turning her attention back to Atlas, Remy snorted at his Flobberworm reference. “Quite a handsome Flobberworm, if you ask me.” Her eyes lingered on the photos as she stared at said chiselled jaw for a few moments. It really was one hell of a sharp jaw…

ANYWAY… did she just unknowingly call Atlas handsome?


That’s a great idea. That way there always around to look at.” Remy commented quietly before turning her attention to the feast. Easily the best part of the day. She loaded her plate with a variety of hams and cheeses.
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