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The pair of first years received a mere glance from Remy, although one of them got more of a glare due to their mispronunciation of the headmasters name. How can you go a whole term without knowing his name? Dumb. She was pleased that Nearly Headless Nick arrived to correct them so she didn’t have to. Anything else they were discussing was completely missed so she averted her attention back to Nearly Headless Nick, and Atlas. The ghosts were always a pleasant sight for Remy.

“Hello, Sir Nicolas.” She, too, was interested to hear what he got up to all summer as well. Actually, what did ghosts do at all? It all seemed a bit miserable, the more she thought about it.

Her eyes widened with glee when Atlas pulled out her treasured copy of their photo booth pictures. “Oh!! I was…” she took a moment to compose herself, “… I was wondering where my copy was.” Remy took hold of them and fondly glanced at them, letting out a giggle after looking at each snap. “Look at those good looking Gryffindors.” She was only telling the truth.
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