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He'd been focused on observing the other tables and hadn't quite noticed the arrival of the younger years, at least... not until he heard the word 'Wise' uttered near his elbow, and turned his attention that direction. It was one of the more peculiar of the younger years, though the sixth year often thought that was probably a more strength than a weakness. His mouth opened to question what exactly was wise, before he noted the stare was focused on his pocket, in which he still had a rather large amount of his favorite candies - primarily in preparation of the inevitable request for one when his sister arrived. But even whilst saving one for the youngest of his family, he'd still have plenty, so into his pocket went his hand to retrieve a wrapped candy and then offered it to the boy. "Care for one to stave the hunger until the feast starts?"

And here came one of his the boy's friends as well, so in went the hand again and out came another wrapped candy which he placed next to the other. He'd leave it up to the boy on if he wanted to share with his companion or not.

Of course the more talkative arrival to the table was his sister, whom received a much wider smile as the elder sibling attempted to hide the remaining concern he always felt as of late where she was concerned. "Do you know me to ever not have sherbet drops on hand?" The answer was no, and he hoped this was a habit he'd never grow out of. Another candy appeared, this time placed on the table in front of his sister. "You ready to go home?"

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