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With all the fuss that had been made about the the 'Atlantis twelve' anyone would think the world had come to an end; yet life continued as it always did, just as the world never stopped spinning for a handful of unfortunates. Daxton, for his part, gave them no further thought other than to reason that Keiran and kin may not be best pleased if the issue remained unresolved. Otherwise, he came to the Ministry to work, and did no more and no less than what he had been hired to do, focused as he was instead on his real objective. Aptly enough, a deliverance of his own.

Typical, really, that he had joined this department just as its employees were not-so-subtly implicated in triggering that whole furore by the press. Daxton had not exactly been tempted to buddy up with his colleagues since then, though he could not have honestly said that that was ever a possibility. Out of the colleagues he already knew, there was perhaps one that Daxton did not hold in utter contempt.

Having just finished a long stint of experimentation with one of the encephalons, Daxton had cleaned up and headed for the Decompression Chamber, unabashedly ignoring the spray bottle as he entered. Usually this room had him recalling the Pebbles 2 drowning incident (which may not have been the case were Flamsteed not so irrevocably linked to the incident and the room), but today his attention found Indigo Rousseau instead.

Daxton joined him by the machine and gestured to one of the absurd sachets inside - at random - as though by way of suggestion, and allowed that to serve as a greeting.

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