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There was... mixed feelings from the little Lioness regarding her first year already being OVER. Primarily, there was sadness because she happened to LOVE life at the castle and there were SOOOOOO many things she hadn't gotten to do yet! And she'd miss all the people she'd annoyed befriended. Something told her Squid boy was NOT going to want to hang out over summer, and it was a little sad she wouldn't see him for MONTHS. She was sure she and Sia would find time to hang out, but they wouldn't be LIVING together anymore.

But on the other hand... she really, really, really missed Papa. And little Scoot! Getting to see them was the only thing that kept her from clinging to the railings in the astronomy tower and REFUSING to leave. And... well she WOULD be back in just a couple of months time, and then she'd be an OLDER student. Which meant the new first years would be looking up to HER for guidance. The amount of chaos she could cause with that newheld power.... well, it also gave her a lot to look forward to.

But still, despite all the good, she was allowing herself some sadness for now, as she schlumped into the seat next to Loogie and dramatically thumped her head on the table, turning to the side towards him. "It depends how long Headmaster Kazoo speaks." Which in her very limited experience, he seemed to be pretty brief and to the point. "So... hopefully not long? He's probably looking forward to the break from us all for the summer." And who could blame him?

At the mention of the Sphinx and the forest, Vera perked up the smallest bit, lifting her head from the table. "She can't be far... right? She seemed just as curious about us as we are about her! We should go try to find her after dinner!" The likelihood that she would have the energy after the food coma she planned to put herself in was very slim but... the idea of some last bit of mischief was fun regardless.

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