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Was Logan ready for the term to come to an end? Absolutely. While his first year at the school had been everything he had imagined and more, the Gryffindor was ready to not worry about a lot of things. The idea of not having to get to class on time, make sure he got his homework done, and go to bed at a reasonable time was freeing. Now that summer holiday was just around the corner, he could focus on the things that mattered to him.

First on his agenda was food. "How long do you think it'll be until the food's here?" Logan blurted out to no one in particular. He knew it would be happening after the headmaster gave his speech, but one could only hope things would hurry along faster than they usually did. Impatient is what he was, especially when his stomach was growling loudly.

"Also," he carried on, this time a bit quieter, "where in the forest do you think that sphinx is staying? Would be cool to see her again before leaving."

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