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Atlas felt a certain dread that came with the lightness in his stride as he made his way to the Gryffindor table and found himself a seat. Dread in that OWLs were over and with them the distraction that preoccupying his thoughts with studying had provided. His focused tinkering for designing for the dance was gone as well now and seeing all his efforts on full display at the dance itself had left him feeling fulfilled - remarkably. He had even had a decent time at the dance. Good, even. Though certain interactions had left him feeling a certain kind of tingly confused that was a rather unwelcomed sensation. Tonight, however, he was hoping to go back to ignoring those.

Maybe he should have brought Thimble down with him after all. None of his mechanical companions had wanted to leave the comfort from beneath his pillow though. Hopefulyl they wouldn't ... er ... get up to too much mischief while he was down here at the feast.

With the summer beach trip canceled thanks to the news coming out of the Ministry, Atlas wasn't sure what mum and dad would do in its place...but he did know he would be relieved to be back home and back at robotics camp. He had a championship title and global competition to prepare for!

Drumming his palms on the top of the table, the fifth (soon to be sixth) year pressed his toes against the floor and rocked his legs forward and back with a little hum under his breath to a tune he couldn't quite place in the moment but it felt like it had been stuck in his head for weeks now.

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