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While she was certain that their captors had not constructed this wall for climbing, the more she traced possible paths with her eyes...the more the spells and protruding bits of coral happily obliged to Joana's cause. Reaching up to grab a spot with her right hand and debating where to put her left foot, the brunette instead found herself snapping her head around at the words of TM (her nickname she had yet to share with TiaMarie) and her suggestion. "...I'd rather not turn to seafoam, thanks," she replied with a firm shake of the head and refraining from eyerolling. She, likewise, found herself appalled at quirky man's suggestion that emotionally manipulating the merfolk was a good idea. "Or...we could genuinely spend our time here learning and not be vindictive about it," she suggested just after settling on a starting point for her foot. "That had been the entire aim of the department to begin with. Anything manipulative will only raise tensions further in my opinion. They've already surpassed the stereotypes, haven't they?"

She was a clueless as to what items they had supposedly stolen, but she was of the firm belief that all this was not entirely unprompted. They really believed that they had been wronged...and, well, as far as being a prisoner was concerned, this was FAR better than any cell in Azkaban. Things could be a lot worse. A LOT worse.

Glancing over to Gabriel, who had translated her words, she offered a small smile - though no further explanation as to why she had muttered the proverb under her breath. There was a certain comfort that came with having her native tongue understood, especially in this situation. She had not spoken to many in his particular department, though she did have her sights set on joining it someday to follow in the footsteps of the likes of Louisa Chosen and all those other strong minded women who had become law makers. Someday. Eventually. First was keeping her sanity all the way down here.

Which...a walk swim outside this dome sounded quite nice. "Maybe later," she nodded to Kingston. "Got my hands full now." Literally as her left hand grabbed another spot and then her right leg nestling itself atop a shell. Breathing out a grunt, Joana began her scaling of the impromptu climbing wall.

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