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When TiaMarie agreed to work at the ministry, she never would have imagined being mernapped. This wasn't the sort of thing that happened to her and especially not at the ministry? Sure she had read of the tensions, but with the gala being held in Atlantis, she would have assumed they were passed all that. Weren't they? This was the sort of thing she would have expected at Hogwarts though.

Speaking of her alma mater, she wondered if their family and friends were notified of the dozen missing ministry employees? Also the masculine doom talk was a surefire way that one of them would be throwing themselves to the sharks before they were rescued.

"maybe we just need a reverse little mermaid. One of us falls in love with a merperson." she said quietly to noone in particular as she took note of Joana humming something foreign. "is that some sort of protective enchantment or positive mantra?" because they would certainly need it with all this masculinity in here for any hope of survival.
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