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She was done. DONE.

Though not in the way some would assume a person could be absolutely done given their current predicament.

Joana was done moping. She was done crying. She was done feeling sorry for herself. She was just...done living this sorrowful existence. It seemed entirely too much of a constant, something she could almost count on every other year since the time Hogwarts had POOFed through time or whatever the situation had been then. Despite being at Illvermorny, she had experienced far too much Hogwarts heartache. Were there people she missed way up there above land? Absolutely. She was certain that Jacob was losing his mind right now...and she could only imagine how stressed out Regina must be, not just because her amazing roommate was imprisoned down her, but several others she knew as well. Not to mention her own family back in San Diego, who she could only imagine would hear from some tabloid or another first about the fate of their daughter - likely demand she return back to the States immediately...should she ever get out of here.

And she, Joana, she missed them all fervently...and it had been during the night, mid sob, that she realized just how often she had felt this sorrow. The longing. The excruciating pain of separation ... and she wasn't sure it was worth it anymore. It had become too much.

Perhaps it was Eros' influence (the carefree whimsical fool he was) that had helped propel her to change her outlook, but she was seeing all this as an opportunity now. How many other people would be able to say that they had lived in Atlantis for any period of time, extended or otherwise? How many other people would be granted the opportunity to observe merpeople so intimately?

Which was why all the masculine doom and gloom going on was just...not on brand.

Rolling her eyes, Joana walked out of the sleeping area and maintained a close distance to the barnacle covered wall. It was calling to her, you see, and just because she was twenty thousand leagues under the sea did not mean that she was going to lose some of her regular routine. Not now that she had set the tears aside. She just wished that there was some chalk around that she could use to dust her hands with. Unicorn Dust was her favorite. "Em terra de cego, quem tem olho ť rei," she hummed loudly and pointedly enough at the gathered trio while she stood with her back to them and faced the wall and tapped her cheek with her index finger pensively.

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