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He stretched out on one of the sea sponge couches and gave it a punch up to see if felt more like SOFA and less like a kitchen cast-off. "You want to make bets on who we'll want to feed to the sharks first? Or maybe we'll all be best friends." Unlikely. Sam Gusey was a prickly little pickle.
"Like birds of a feather in the same gilded cage." Damian said, leaning over the top of the sea sponge couch. "We might as well learn to get along. Unless this bubble pops, or the Ministry launches a rescue mission, we're going to be stuck here a while as the gears of diplomacy slowly turn." He added, captivity chafing against a free spirit.

It was a beautiful prison. Damian had certainly been in worse, but he didn't like being a pawn in a political chess match when he was clearly a knight.
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