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Text Cut: pre-chaos quotes re: Conall and Dylan lol
Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post

Aurora left the cavern entrance after a quick chat with her personal assistant, Stella. Tonight she was solo, since Sebastian had decided to not go after their latest argument had ended with him storming off to a quiddith pal. Aurora couldn't even remember now what they had argued about. It had probably been something about her work or the kids or something..... Sighing Aurora took a breath and said to herself. It's a magical night, stop thinking unhappy thoughts and enjoy the gala even if you have responsibilites to look out for trouble.

She had the dress, the shoes and the makeup so maybe she could at least try to find someone to chat with? Letting her blue eyes wander around, they eventually stopped on a guy with long hair and a demeanor Aurora interpreted as lonely. Grabbing two glasses from a passing with something green in it and a white flower on top she approached the man, plastering on a bright smile "Hey, are you enjoying the gala?" Holding out one of the green drink glasses she asked "Would you care for a drink? I think it's drinkable." Or so hoped at least.
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And yet another land-dwelling person had joined them (Dylan)! The mer singer felt bubbly with all the compliments. "Oh, thank you," she said, inclining her head in thanks toward the newcomer. "Are you familiar with mermusic as well?" Surely it were so for the first one, otherwise they would be unable to discern the bad from the good. Unless they were just complimenting her for the sake of being nice, which...yes, that would be acceptable too. She liked compliments, whatever the motive.

The bright and bubbly reaction her compliment had gotten from the mersinger was almost unexpected, given the vague sese of tension threading through the room. Even so, Dylan managed a smile, if one tinged with apology. “Unfortunately, I can’t say I am quite familiar with mermusic, but I was raised to appreciate all forms of music,” she replied, hoping the statement wouldn’t be taken too badly. She had been genuine with her initial compliment after all, even if it had come from a more general place than true knowledge of the music in question.

Music that absolutely didn’t sound quite as beautiful coming from Kendra and the Unspeakables who had found themselves the main focus of the chaos that was gradually spiraling outward. As such, with a murmured apology for leaving so soon, she had started to head in the direction of the Minister and the new MLE head only to change direction as she heard the latter’s comment to one of his men to head toward the exits leading to, presumably, the submarines that had taken them down here.


Conall wasn’t exactly lonely. At the very least, the hit wizard rarely considered himself as such, given the aptitude his brothers had of dropping in on him when he wasn’t out of patrol. Or the times Emma had stopped by after work. Either way, he had inclined his head in greeting as the Transportation head had approached, interpreting her smile as rather plastered on but not about to ask. “I must admit I am enjoying it. The change in environment, if anything else,” he responded, Scottish accent tinging every word even as he declined the offered drink. Whether said drink was human or otherwise, he would rather play it safe. Especially given the scene unfolding across the room from his vantage point, the Unspeakables acting rather unlike themselves. He was guessing, anyhow.

As things unfolded, and Ms. Bagnold had peeled off to join the G&S head, he headed over in the direction of the Minister and his own department head, a glance toward Carter as he tried to reason with the merperson escorting Connolly somewhere. Hit wizard reporting for duty.

Originally Posted by The Announcer View Post

Something told the merguard approaching Tamerlane to be careful, so he circled slowly. Nearby another group of merpeople approached Oceanus, TiaMarie, and Sam Gusey who suddenly found themselves at trident point.

Tread carefully witches and wizards, lest you make an already tenuous situation worse!
She had been aware of what was happening elsewhere in the gala, but Skye had only dropped her hand from her attempt to touch the lighted tentacle hanging above her when she became aware of a merperson circling her. Rather like a shark, which almost made her look to see if the mer’s tail resembled one. “I’m sorry if I damaged something,” she said, almost placatingly and very obviously not reaching for the wand hidden in her skirts.

In case that was why he was circling, although given the amount of other Ministry employees being accosted around her, she rather doubted it had anything to do with her curiosity over the lighting. Either way, she was choosing to believe that it was better to stay unarmed rather than take her wand out and risk a diplomatic incident. She was A&C, not MLE.

And she rather hoped someone would let her parents know if she was wrong and got captured.
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