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Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post
Well Maya Nam was intelligent and definitely a good support system to have around. When he heard her sister who wasn't so little anymore?? o.o which wasn't that odd because she was only a year younger than him, yet that difference seems magnified the younger you are, the fifth year stood up from behind the statue to reveal himself.

"I'm here..." He motioned for her. "So uh everything good?" Except this wasn't just an average catching up meeting.

"So what do you think about being asked to the dance via book?" He just dove right into the subject.
Yeah, yeah….” she nodded, waving her hand a little. He didn’t need to worry about her. She’d be fine as she focused on shielding her heart a little and instead wearing a content smile. “Good. Things are okay.

She liked how Apollo just got straight to the matter at hand. He always dove right in. She considered his question. Being asked to the dance by using a book?

Itd be cute but you’d need the right book. Do you want the one she’s currently reading or her favourite book of all time?” she asked with a tilt of her head to the right.
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