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Default Open! Mentions of the dancers!
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Lisa stood at the edge of the dance floor and watched the couples and friends dance on the floor. She figured she couldn’t convince Daniel to dance. She would settle on persuading him to take a photo only. She really wanted to dance. Lisa started swaying, humming to the music.

She watched as Ash danced without a care in the world- spinning and twirling. She smiled, imagining what it’d be like to go dance out there. She loved to dance and she finally felt, emotionally, up to dancing. This term had already been one full of learnings. Jude and Evan received a wave. It was weirdly nice to see the two of them chatting together. She knew that it had been weird for both of them but was glad to see them together having a ball. Vi and Caes were there. In some cases, she learned that she’d been too good of a friend and, in other cases, she’d been a bad friend.

Her eyes landed on Atlas next who seemed busy in conversation with another boy. She gave him a wave and a smile, making note not to interrupt his and his friend’s conversation. She’d head over there soon.

But in the meantime, she’d watch the dancers dance.
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