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The last time they had danced together in front of anyone was at Koen’s wedding during the Christmas break. At that time, it had been Evan who initiated the whole thing by asking Jude. This time around? Jude had stepped it up by nervously asking Evan to be his date to this event. Imagine his relief AND happiness when he received a positive reply!! Needless to say it had put him in a good mood then, a mood which carried over to now - the big evening.

After asking Evan if he was ready for a dance, without thinking, Jude had slipped his left hand into Evan’s right and was leading him to the dance floor. “Do you reckon I need to put a Cushioning Charm on the front of my shoes?” he joked, recalling that Evan had accidentally stepped on his toes numerous times at Koen’s wedding.

Looking around, Jude found himself yet again in awe of the decor. It was all simply breathtaking; every bit of it. He found himself particularly drawn to the banners that depicted constellations - stars happened to be some of his favourite things EVER! Every evening before he went to sleep, Jude had to take a look at them. Not to mention stars decorated his wand. Yes, he was OBSESSED with the stars. Also, it was why he had chosen the aether theme for his clothing. Aether is said to fill part of the universe and stars were a part of the universe. It all worked out in his favour if you asked him.
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