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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Keighley only knew one thing for sure. She trusted Jude. If he told her that he was doing okay, she believed that. Now anyhow. For a long time she hadn't but now she knew he was doing much better than he had been. Her brothers pain wasn't gone, she knew that but she also knew he had found his own way to move forward. For this she gave him praise. "Thank you." She smiled. "Hey! You're both wrong. I'm the cutest there is cause I'm the youngest and everyone loves the baby in the family." It was her turn to tease them both. Keigh laughed nudged both of her siblings lightly to show she was only messing around.

Now, as for what she wanted to do with her hair. This was the issue. The Hufflepuff had no clue. "I'm not sure? That's why I'm asking for your help. I was hoping you could help me decide what to do?" Reagan always made the best decisions when it came to hair and things of that nature.

Leave it to Keigh to be so trusting towards Jude. But it made sense, right? He told her everything so she knew exactly what he was feeling and how he was carrying romantic affection for two guys at the same time. And that he was also taking his time to figure stuff out and to focus on OWLs. Her comment had him laughing again. “I think Keigh’s right, don’t you, Rea? The baby of the family are usually the cutest! And the most spoilt.” The boy tried to hide his laughter for his latter words while hugging Keigh tighter to his side. She knew he was joking; his younger sister was FAR from being that way.

Reagan was quite ready to play along with Jude. “SO spoilt!’’ She reached out to tickle Keighley under her chin. But she couldn’t be ‘mean’ to the younger girl for too long so she laughed heartily and added, “I’m just joking, Keighley! I know Jude is too. You’re not spoilt.” Like Jude, she thought that Keighley was the best out of the Anders’ siblings. Rea knew she was going to miss these warm, fuzzball Hufflepuffs when she was off having a grand ole time around the world. Her keen eyes roved over Keighley’s hair. “Hm… maybe a wash and a trim. Yes! That’s what we’ll do!” Colour her excited for this girls’ half day out!
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