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SPOILER!!: Hiii, Victoria! <3
Originally Posted by kayquilz View Post
Why was it that when Victoria was the most moody, people were always being weird? And annoying? Not that this girl was being excessively annoying, but still. V wondered WHY she was speaking with a nonverbal statue.


"What do you need ideas for anyway? I don't think he'll have an answer for you."

Victoria came to a stop next to Aria and raised an eyebrow.

Excuse youuu, grumpy Victoria!

At least Aria would rather be weird than seemingly in a permanently bad mood. “Obviously he wouldn’t but talking to him may help me get some inspiration.” There was a HUGE beam thrown at her fellow Slytherin. “Orrr I could also get the same from you.” Aria swept her gaze over Victoria’s clothing quickly before replying, “For my portfolio of outfits. I’ve been awful at coming up with new ideas lately.”

Blame it on the OWL studying!

“I’m determined to do some dresses… but dresses with flair and with sass! Dresses aren’t usually what I work on but I thought I’d switch it up for a bit.”
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