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Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
Mercer was sure that Arden was inviting him to ruffle that bouncy little ponytail on her head, and he dropped his own hair so he could bat at hers. How did it DO that? It was so curly and big. He grinned at Milo and batted at Arden's hair again. "That's Milo. He's my mate. He can travel to another plane."

Now. Something about not being able to talk? Their jaws being STUCK shut? That would be wild. And probably not very fun. "A tetanus shot, I think."
Arden appreciated Mercer’s appreciation for her suuuuper bouncy, curly hair that her inherited from her father. Her father’s hair with sooooomeone’s blonde. Her parents were both brunette…and her grandparents were all brunette. She supposed her great gran Lenora was a blonde…maybe that was where it came from. The thought made her wrinkle her nose in distaste only because she didn’t really like her great-gran Leonora. She was a total lame-o.

“Milo can cross dimensions?” She whispered, not at ALL paying attention until she heard the professor mention some lockjaw potion. WHO had invented that and WHY? What was the purpose of that?! To HARM someone? Arden snooooorted. “Professor. That potion sounds really mean. Why do we have to brew it?”
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