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Default Oops, just saw this class, now trying to catch up...

To tell the truth, Professor Hernandez's lateness made Violet feel a strange sense of comradeship with the professor. Not a morning person herself, she could totally understand why one might be running late of a morning, and she told him something of the sort as she greeted him and went to take her place.

But--what would she do if she couldn't speak? Communicating was hard enough as it was, even with speech, which was quite inadequate to express everything one might be wanting to say to others. "Any communication is hard enough--words are really just symbols we use trying to express our thoughts and feelings and like any symbol system, don't do a complete job. But without the ability to speak--I guess people would have to learn other, non-verbal ways to communicate, or start writing everything down." Which would be a very clumsy way to try to communicate, Violet thought--and then there were the people who didn't know how to write.

Originally Posted by Lissy Longbottom View Post
"Overall excellent answers everyone. You all touched on the main point - that without our ability to speak, communication is going to be limited, and we have to figure out the best ways to communicate with each other. Some people would probably do better writing out words...others might respond better to miming or signing. It all depends on the person," Javier explained as he began to pace slightly in front of the class.

"Today's potion is, obviously, going to focus on this very scenario. We'll be brewing and testing the Jawbind potion today - can anyone tell me what the Jawbind potion does? And, knowing what it does, how can you attempt to counteract it?" he asked them.
"Well, it induces a form of lockjaw, like the name says. But to counteract it..." Violet paused a minute, trying to gather her thoughts. "It would be difficult on your own, wouldn't it, because you wouldn't be able to talk, so that would limit you to nonverbal spells. But since it's a potion...would taking a bezoar work against it?" Although Violet was thinking her first action would probably be to cast some sort of offensive spell against anyone nearby who she suspected of giving her Jawbind Potion in the first place.
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