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”What did I do?” he straight out asked Vivi both hands out as he shrugged. He might have glanced at Charles quickly as if the Mister might have the answer to his question too. The action caused a second round of steam to puff from Hugo’s ears. It wasn’t like he had to worry about someone trying to take him out and quite frankly, his team had done more than one or two passes around the place to make sure things were on the up-and-up. Furthermore, assuming that their hosts might try and poison anyone was rather poor diplomatic form. Clearly the MereQueen who had swam over to welcome them agreed. Where was Singh-Phora when he was needed? He didn’t speak a word of Meremish, but Singh-Phora did. ”Madam,” Hugo said, scooping up two more of the drinks that had steamed his ears. He held one out to her while simultaneously holding a second drink out so the MermQueen could see it. ”Cheers!” He put on his most charming smile.

The mere fact that Sachin was quiet informed Conley that he had done something or said something or was acting in a manner that his husband was not happy with. One didn’t survive eightish years of marriage without learning a thing or two about their partners. Instead of fighting him, Conley let Sachin direct him to the bar. Perhaps his husband was right. A drink would help. It hadn’t been easy to set up this diplomatic outing with the merepeoples of the world and merepeoples weren’t the most understanding of air-breathers.

As was evidenced by the reaction of the Cheiftess’s reaction to whatever was going at the other side of the bar. Conley leaned back, trying to see if he was needed but then Hugo stepped up and Ambassador Despret and his - guest? - approached. ”Ah Herr Despret,” Conley took a moment to drink a good third of whatever it was that Sachin had placed in his hand. He promptly hiccuped and a big bubble appeared in front of his face. He blinked, turned a little red and then waved the bubble away. ”I’m not – Sachin, are you hungry?” Was he trying to make amends to his husband? Yes and food always seemed to be the way to do it. Or Chia, but there wasn’t any of that around it seemed. ”You two have met, yes?” He waved between Jerald and Sachin and then just in case, ”Ambassador Despret, my husband Ambassador Singh-Phora.” Did he sound a little proud of Sachin? Because he was. Had he noticed Jerald’s nerves? Nope.

Knowing Elian would enjoy the view he had started making his way to the wall so they could look out for a moment before perhaps hitting the dance floor. There was very little that Valentin liked more than dancing with Elian. Listening to him sing and spending a quiet evening in front of the fire reading with Cassian asleep on his chest were two things that he liked more, but neither of those were going to happen tonight. Cassian was at home with Valentin’s father and Elian hadn’t sung at a big government event in years.

However, he stopped, having heard someone else speaking French. He turned looking and found Indigo greeting them with a very big happy smile. ”Bonjour,” he replied with his most charming smile. A few years ago, the interruption might have made Valentin cranky, although he wouldn’t have shown it. But years of having Elian around had tamed a little of his ornery nature. ”Well, you 'ave found pairhaps la deux peoplé een zis space zat do.” He offered a hand to shake. And then, making the assumption that the man also spoke French, he continued in his native tongue. {“Valentin Roux,”} he said placing a hand over his heart. He waved the hand then in Elian’s direction. {“And my husband, Elian. And who do we have the pleasure of meeting?”}

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