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His words were most certainly getting to her. Perhaps he shouldn't be teasing the younger sister of the groom right there at the reception but really no harm was being done? He wasn't being overly rude or making the young lady cry. That he would never do. They were simply having a little fun. No harm done.

Expect for that. "You can stop calling me, Sir. My name is Christopher. Sir would be my father." She was making him feel so old and he was anything but that. "I never said you couldn't, you just did that all by yourself." He smirked at her a little bit right. This was almost like teasing his sister Cassie when they were kids. Reagan's comment on him being jealous made him laugh lightly once again. While the small stature looked good on her, he was very much used to being as tall as he was. "I am not." He was much friends with her brother.
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