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She was okay, yes?

Christopher was going to go ahead and assume so as she didn't say otherwise right away. Good thing too, the last thing he needed right now was to be injuring the grooms younger sister. He was sure that would go over well trying to explain that one to Koen. Thankfully they wouldn't have to even if it may have made for a funny story in the future.

Aaww, well would you look at her being cute and sarcastic right back at him. He recalled Ko telling him a couple of times that Rea was the loudest of the bunch but he didn't remember him saying she could be sarcastic too. "It's never been brought to my attention that I'm aware of. So perhaps it isn't really me that is tall. Maybe you're just a touch on the tiny side?" This was said with a smirk and a playful tone. He may very well be an adult and a respectable one at that but he could be fun as well.
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