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Bryony was still hanging from the bars as she waited to see whether or not Aryan would be attempting them as well. Sure this was something she did by herself all the time but she wasn't alone today. Aryan would get bored if he just stood around watching her do everything.

When her blue eyes were able to meet his dark ones across the monkey bars when he finally climbed up, her smile was the brightest it had been all day. "Yay! That's it, Ary! You can do it!" She cheered for him so loudly that one might've thought the other child was in some sort of competition rather than crossing monkey bars. Her own arms were starting to ache as she watched him make his way across but that was because unlike him, she wasn't moving but simply still hanging from the same bar.

Aryan had only made it across a few bars before he had dropped down to the ground. "Arrrryyyyyy... Try again! Yous haz to be a ninja too!" If he wasn't going to play right.. she could always have him catch her so she didn't hurt herself. Yes, she was indeed very much eyeing him to see if she could toss herself at him without him completely missing her.
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