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How Papa had managed Gilly to go out for a day on her own was some sort of miracle. An escape room certainly DID sound like a lot of fun, and the 21 year old single mom was certainly missing getting to go out and hang out with people her own age. AND she'd signed up for this weeks ago with the intention of going... But also, she did really happen to like her son and going out for a day meant an entire afternoon of missing Cedar.

Although, he WAS with her dad and apparently they would be having a boy's day in Papa's greenhouse. Only after Gilly had made him swear up and down though to watch the 3 year old like a HAWK and ensure he stayed away from any of the more dangerous plants. She'd gotten a promise from her dad, but she'd still spent the morning tending to some of the more dangerous types and ensuring those that had a proclivity for biting had been properly fed and made docile for the day. It never hurt to be extra safe.

Though, she probably should have checked herself after finishing her gardening so she could have washed away the dirt smudges on her left arm and her right cheek.

Once it was her turn, Gil stepped up and offered a smile to the woman working the event and provided her name in order to check in. She was also eying that table of snacks and keeping an eye for anyone that might look familiar to her. It was unlikely though, given she'd managed to be accepted as an exchange student at Castelobruxo before she'd ever even had a chance to go to Hogwarts.

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