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Dear Jude,

I don't consider any of my time spent with you as distraction. I truly enjoy your company, and all time spent with you is well spent. As is time spent thinking about you which is a good thing, considering that's often. If Reagan was using intimidation, I hadn't noticed. I was already interested, and perhaps she saw that - or maybe I was too excited at the opportunity to notice. Thank you! I know Maman looks forward to you being out of school so she can have us both in the crowd. You don't have to get anything for her, but if you truly wish to I'd be happy to. Maman truly loves anything though, for her it's just the consideration that someone wanted to gift her with something. It's always made holidays rather simple for my father and I!

I'll look forward to it, even if I'm a little anxious as well. I did suspect as much, but I always like to hear it as well. I'm sure your friendship will be strong enough to withstand some distance too. He probably understands why you need to do it for a minute.

I certainly appreciate your enthusiasm and belief. And I quite like the idea of you being my cheerleader for a long, long while.

I was rather optimistic on this one, but it still feels amazing to have the confirmation. And I'm very much looking forward to acting it out! You're right about that - you can't be the best without being able to take on multitudes of roles. And while I don't really need to be the best, I do want to be a good actor with a lot of range. I'm really looking forward to this.

Bored of you? Absolutely not. Majority of my time is spent thinking about summer and all the time we'll get to spend together. Maybe a beach trip, ice cream, after shows with Reagan. It's still months away, but I'm certain that will just give us more time to create a summer bucket list.

I look forward to seeing you for your winter break!



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